2017.04.10 EugeneTech Jobs

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Welcome Eugene Tech Jobs to the community!

#EugeneTech is happy to introduce our latest collaborator eugenetechjobs.com (pretty great name, right?!)

About a month ago a happy crossing of paths occured using the EugeneTech connectors – Our insatiable curiosity, Slack, and the interwebs. Long story short, someone found a website about tech jobs in Eugene, they slacked (is that a term?) about it excitedly, then someone else thought “Hey, I think that I work with that guy!” and then site owner piped up on Slack and said “Hey, I’m Michael. Let’s connect the sites.” Our circle is, again, made a bit larger and easier to navigate.

Happiness is getting the parts to connect

Just the tiniest of blurbs about our newest collaborator in their own words:

“Eugene Tech Jobs wants to help IT pros, developers, data scientists, designers, and even specialized tech sales and marketers find jobs in Lane County.

By aggregating these jobs, we also hope to unobfuscate the growth of Lane County.

We’ve only just begun. We are but a humble WordPress blog right now. In the future, we want to become the full-featured site for job seekers (and employers) in the Eugene area.

Help us become that resource.”

#EugeneTech (the connector) wants to help eugenetechjobs.com with the full power of the Zebracorn, as none of us can exist with out the help of our herd mates. We will post the site updates here and encourage you, our community to please use the site to post your open positions, find open positions and foster the tech community growth.

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