2017.12.19 TechTuesday

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The Week in Tech

Tech Tuesday Live!

TechTuesday Facebook

Special Guest’s: 1:01(John Bellona & John Park)
Special Guest: 8:00(Jessica Bobrowski)
Eugene Tech Jobs: 19:00
Switchboard Picks: 21:00
Upcoming Events: 24:00

Information on all of the job mentions is available at eugenetechjobs.com

Very special thanks to our guests:

John Bellona, John Park & Jessica Bobrowski!

Make sure to check out Tesla: Light, Sound, Color , at the Hult Center January 10th and 11th! And many special thanks to Jessica Bobrowski for all you have done for EugeneTech! We look forward to collaborating with you for future events and following your amazing journey.

Links to Events!

Check out the #EugeneTech Switchboard

Tech Tuesday is an event that runs every Tuesday afternoon at 5:30pm at the Barnlight Downtown. It is an opportunity for local tech-minded people and people working in the tech field to meet up, share insights, and chat over drinks.

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