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What’s your cause?

Announcing the 2017 Hack For A Cause challenges!

Attention students, developers, and professionals with skills you would like to share with the world:


This Friday, April 7, 2017, at the Downtown Athletic Club a challenge begins for you to use your powers for good, to better the world. We are asking you to use your skills – programming, coding, design, marketing – to help some of the pressing issues in our community. Just to make it exciting you are only getting 48 hours to do it in. Opening remarks start at 6 p.m.Hacking ends at 10 a.m. Sunday and judging will commence and there will be PRIZES. Nothing like a bit of a pressure cooker to get the creative problem solving juices flowing, right?!


    far outside of the box, where the rules no longer apply.


    to the greater good.


    your talent and improve your community.

  • Collaborate

    with digital creatives, community organizers, and civic leaders.

  • Collect

    a cash prize by developing tangible solutions to seemingly intangible problems.


Adoption: A Family for Every Child


We would like to create an online platform for our adoption agency families to log in and complete all the forms needed to adopt, as well as use electronic signatures, and save and return to the site. It also needs to be shared with our Adoption Workers and Agency staff.


The real challenge is making it easy, for all families, regardless of technology equipment and skills to fill out adoption paperwork in a timely manner.


Electronic Signature, with dates recorded, save and return options.

Community Dashboard


The City of Eugene’s challenge is to show a wide variety of datasets that describe our activities and our progress in a way that is not only transparent, but is engaging to the community so that it’s accessible and meaningful. We want the community to have an idea about what is happening throughout our city!


Build a ‘dashboard’ that would share key data points and trends.
A few of the datasets we intend to include are:
• Housing mix-number of issued permits for single-family homes, townhouses, duplexes, and multi-family.
• Commercial space-total square feet of newly construction commercial space.
• Affordable housing-number of existing and newly constructed affordable housing units.
• Population and job growth-past and projected.
• Multi-unit property tax exemption (MUPTE)-number of units developed with the MUPTE program and impacts to tax revenue.
We can provide at least 10 datasets for the Hack event, for the teams to use.

Downtown Safety


Public safety in Downtown Eugene is a major issue. A significant portion of that issue stems from the perception that the downtown area is unsafe and that many crimes go unreported. By having an app that would allow people in the downtown area to report crimes and minor offenses they see as they see them, the perception that the downtown area is safe and people have the means to report crimes should they occur, is incredibly important.


We believe an app that would allow people in the downtown area to use their Apple and Android devices to report crimes they witness in the downtown area would help resolve this problem.


• report directly to the police
• permit residents to also look at crime statistics and other information about the safety of the downtown area on their phone.
• report crimes through their phones using photos, videos, and audio recordings, all of which are vital in identifying the location and type of problem that is being reported.
• simple layout with easy user interfaces that could be used by anyone of any age in the downtown area.

Government Engagement


Let’s create a process for updating engaged citizens on the happenings at the City Council meetings, and provide them with a way to interact without being in the building itself. The goal would be to get the community more involved and focused on local issues.


A Mobile/Web Application that allows Lane County residents to submit topics related to local governance. Think Hackernews meets Change.org, with only upvoting being allowed. Once a submission has reached a certain vote threshold an email is automatically generated with the submission and a list of stakeholders which is then sent to City Councilors, the City Manager, and the Mayor. Their responses would be tracked on a submission by submission basis.

Hult Center


How can the Hult Center stay relevant and grow audiences using technology-mediated experiences?


Open ended – Blow our Minds! A/R, simulcast, participatory digital art projects?

Kesey Square


Kesey Square as a community centerpiece and cultural hub. Reimagine it as our Times Square. Now make it interactive.


Enlarge our ideas! Large screen projection system. Apps that let people connect to it and submit content for display. Rules and ways to make sure the content is safe. Program for running the content. Way to cover the square from up above to shield people sitting and watching the display when it’s raining for year round enjoyment.



How do we enable impromptu donations, assist those that need some extra help in life, and create a safer sidewalk environment for all?


We want to level up the feed the meter model to use a mobile app to enable homeless service donations anywhere in the community.
Develop: a nimble mobile donation app to accept digital panhandling donations and an accompanying marketing campaign to promote this digital donation option throughout the community.
The app: a dashboard for each individual donor, as well as community wide donations and locations of donations, to show how the donation has helped panhandlers.
The marketing campaign: signs, stickers, and billboards for use in stores and intersections that encourage our community to donate through the mobile app, provide education material for those in need of homeless services, and provide donor achievements in the app.
Identify locations: for additional Change for Change meters. We currently have one meter in front of The Kiva at 11th Avenue and Olive Street.

Sex Trafficking Reporting App


Lane County Human Trafficking Task Force (LCHTTF) and other local non-profits conduct training classes for citizens who
want to learn how to recognize a situation in which pimps or victims are in public and be able to report relevant information to the local police. Currently, the reporting mechanism is minimal at best.


This app will allow any citizen who is trained and certified to collect information via their mobile device (audio, video, photos, geolocation, tag words) and forward it to a repository that can be accessed by police. This information can be used to build cases against traffickers or locate victims so that they can be rescued. This effectively increases the coverage of the local police force dramatically and is crucial to stopping sexual exploitation.

Full Challenge Details here
Some of the challenges have been abridged here for brevity’s sake.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The 2017 Hack for a Cause is sponsored by:
University of Oregon, First Tech Fed, Lane Workforce Partnership, XS Media, KLCC, City of Eugene Government, IDX Broker, CBT Nuggets, and Lunar Logic!

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