the Mission

Connecting Eugene’s Digital Creatives.

#EugeneTech is a co-op and volunteer program that seeks to elevate and amplify awareness of all the players in Eugene’s tech community. We foster open and inclusive tech community by supporting events related to technology, innovation and education.

#EugeneTech is a an Innovate Oregon Project

the organization

The Tools

the Switchboard

The #EugeneTech Switchboard is about community and connection. It is an online space for people in the tech community of Eugene and the surrounding area to connect via ASKs and OFFERs. These posts are about creative opportunities, events, and sharing resources. In the last 14 months our community has grown to over 500 people making 700+ asks and offers, and 2500+ connections. Interns from LCC along with volunteer mentors from the tech community moderate the switchboard.

Besides creating community and connections, the mission of the #EugeneTech Switchboard is to “Elevate and Amplify” the posts from the Switchboard. Moderators regularly scan the Switchboard and share the appropriate posts via Facebook and Twitter. They write up engaging lead-ins and encourage interaction back to the Switchboard. The moderators also help members formulate their requests in a conversational way to further humanize the invite or request. Creating a web of interaction between different social media platforms helps include the entire #EugeneTech community. People can get information and interact on the platforms they are comfortable with, rather than having to just choose one way.

The Switchboard works because it is friends and neighbors working together to make things happen. People want to connect and interact because they are seen as individuals contributing to a larger community. These quality interactions push connections forward, so that partnerships and projects can happen with ease, leading to growth and progress in Eugene.

The Slack

Join the conversation on Slack. There a channels for designers, developers, Students, Industry pros, looky-loos and chatty McChattersons. Lots of community projects get organized here. You are free to work on your projects in the open or create private channels.

The Meetups

The EugeneTech Meetup is a catch-all meetup for meetups that don;t have their own meetup. It’s also how we host the TechTuesday and the Tech Tuesday Live show.

The People