2017.04.04 TechTuesday

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TechTuesday LIVE show and the Week in Tech for 2017.04.04.
Special Guest Amelia Reising from the Newly opened Adventure! Children’s Museum.

2017 Hack for a Cause with the T.A.O.

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hack for a cause 2017

Use your talent to solve community challenges! Join the TAO and Hack for a Cause in Eugene, Oregon starting 2017.04.07 – sign up now at http://www.techoregon.org/

#EugeneTech and the New Golden Zebracorn of Awesome

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Before we jump into the lore and the facts however, I need to tell you that the original title of this post was going to be “The History of EugeneTech and the Golden Unicorn of Awesome.” But things changed, as things tend to do in Eugene, and now we are thinking about Zebras. Let me explain. Please. The actual Golden … Read More