Discovering Untapped Talent for Tech Careers: Sarah’s Story

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the door to tech is open

I recently co-organized an event in Eugene, Oregon for women interested in technology careers. We hope we can start to find solutions to some of the gaps in the Eugene tech hiring market, along with many broader goals.

The event started a lot of interesting conversations, including the one that inspired this story.

Sarah’s Story

After the panel discussion, we took questions from the audience. The last question was from a young woman named Sarah.

“I am currently a major retail store manager with many qualifications and years of manager experience, who is also financial head of household. I’m looking to change careers. I don’t have my degree, and don’t see going back to school to finish it. How do I transition to a new career?”

It was almost like we planted her there to ask that question. We chose social media as a topic for this very reason. We hoped to find women like Sarah and invite them to have this conversation. After the event, we caught up with Sarah, and what we learned was surprising. Sarah had been so nervous to ask her question that she was shaking, but she was really glad that she did.

A month later, we heard from Sarah. She thanked us and let us know that she has already followed up with WorkSource Lane based on the recommendation of my co-organizer Elaine Pandolfi. The job hunt is on!

We are really proud of Sarah for taking this step, and thrilled to hear that our movement helped inspire this.

To continue to read Lauren’s own story about coming to tech, check her post on Medium.
Continue the conversation in person on Wednesday, 4.12.2017.

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From power tools to computers, tech has been influential in Lauren Jerome’s career development. Shortly after completing an undergrad in Mechanical Engineering, she realized her interest was in software. She spent the early years of her career retraining, writing code, leading projects, and working with other industry professionals to gain a wide range of expertise on custom software integrations and implementations. Follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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