The EugeneTech Hotspot is dead.
We need your help!

Streaming live video and connecting the Eugene Tech community – It’s what we do.

Streaming takes fun tech events, people to run the cameras and a consistent Wifi connection. We love to use the gigabit fiber downtown, but not all tech events are downtown. Hotspots let us stream video when we are away from fiber.

Our current Calyx Hotspot is now dead and in need of some patrons to help us through our next season of streaming and programming. It brings you the TechTuesday LIVE show every week and supports access to programming by many community groups like: Redefining Women in Tech (RWIT), Regional Accelerator & Innovation Network (RAIN Eugene), and Technology Association of Oregon (TAO).

We have been using a hotspot from the Calyx Institute and it’s an annual fee for unlimited LTE. (Calyx is a non-profit too – YAY!) The subscription has come due and we need you, the Eugene Tech community to turn our hotspot back on! We are looking to get a our current hotspot funded for the next year and get it a special friend so that we can continue bringing access to all things tech in Eugene

  • One hotspot – $500
  • Two hotspots – $1000
  • Five hotspots – $2500
The more we get the more awesome video we can stream.

More streams = more cameras = more awesome

Levels of support


For more information on the Calyx hotspot.

Together we can keep eugene connected

  • Narwhal: $5

    Love you folks, but I’m kinda broke. I’d buy you a kombucha, $5.


    our undying gratitude

  • Zebra : $20

    I love me some stickers and I love me some vids so here’s $20


    Fancy ET Sticker pack with Logos, Unicorns, Zebracorns, etc

  • Zebracorn: $40

    OMG – give me that shirt right now! Take my money! $40


    limited edition high quality ET logo tee shirt from Threadbare

  • Unicorn: $100

    Superfan of the EugeneTech LIVE show! Love what you are doing to promote open and inclusive tech community in Eugene, so here’s $100!


    All-the-things! 2 sticker packs and 2 shirts.

  • Golden Unicorn of Awesome: $500

    You have more money than sense and want to let it show! You are willing to donate $500


    The one-and-only Golden Unicorn of Awesome physical 9” statue that we’ve used at TechTuesday for the past year. We’ll put a sticker of your face (or company logo) on on the actual hotspot that your generous donation made possible as well as do our best mention you in a “special thanks” whenever we use it!

EugeneTech is an Innovate Oregon project that promotes the regional tech community. Your donation directly support efforts to promote open and inclusive local tech community. Your support is tax deductible.

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