EugeneTech’s Plan for Helping Folks Meet and Work Online

Mission/Vision: We are working with local civic and tech organizations to enable the citizens of Eugene to meet and work online so that they can remain connected and employed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital Natives Welcoming Digital Refugees

EugeneTech is opening it’s digital doors to the community of folks who have recently been thrust into remote working. The EugeneTech Slack is a free online community where folks can hang out with other remote workers in a shared experience. Together we can navigate this new remote reality and feel less isolated. This is a great place to get started if you have no remote infrastructure.  

Remote Working Education

Remote working is a big cultural shift for many organizations. We’ve partnered with Dark Matter and Trifoia to help educate workers and bosses in this new landscape. Get expert advice from long-time remote workers in the form of free office-hours or add an expert facilitator to your team for a few weeks to get started in the right direction. We’ll be creating some first time users training materials to get started with common tools for remote workers and team leaders to help smooth the transition to remote work.

Establish Online Spaces to Meet and Work

Free virtual conference rooms for groups up to 15 people

EugeneTech slack can support video conferences for teams up to 15 people. These rooms are open to the public and can be scheduled online. A combination of volunteer moderators and paid admins will help folks navigate using slack, finding rooms, joining meetings and understanding the community participation guidelines.

Free Virtual Presentation spaces for up to 100 people

With help from OpenEugene, conferences and keynotes that support up to 100 active participants can go online. 

Free Meetups to help organize groups online. is a popular place to get organized online. EugeneTech is lowering barriers to entry by allowing civic groups to create meetups in the EugeneTech network.  Networked meetups will be free and have all the autonomy of regular meetup groups. Requirements for inclusion is a mission of public good, and following participation guidelines that promote a culture of inclusion.

Fun online virtual experience called EugVille 

Glimmer Technology is creating an engaging online virtual experience called EugVille using Mozilla Hubs. This experience will be immersive and available to folks using VR headsets or PCs with mouse & Keyboard. Two initial features of EugVille will be a virtual Kesey Square with some interactive art components, a virtual movie theatre, and a virtual business center. Folks visiting the business center can find more information about meetups and other online activities as well as a directory of other virtual environments.   

Establish a Shared Calendar

A free and robust online calendar similar to google calendar will be created by Open Eugene (Code for America) and Dark Matter LLC to be hosted by MVP Studio at the data center in Continu, located in Downtown Eugene. Community members can book free conference rooms and publish public events. Network members can create private events and book private conference rooms. This calendar will help avoid conflicts over shared community resources.

Create Pathways for Sponsorship and Contributions

We are leveraging as many free and volunteer resources as we can for this effort. Many folks are underemployed by the coronavirus. We’d like to pay folks to run this infrastructure and create content. Open Eugene is working with Open Collective and Code for America to create pathways for sponsorship and donations for transparent sustainability.

Community Partners

The following community organizations and tech companies are involved in these projects