FAQ: How to be a Special Guest on the #TechTuesday LIVE Video show

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So you’ve been asked to be on the #TechTuesday Live Video show. Thank you for your time. Here’s what you can expect:

Show up around 5:30pm at The Barn Light and participate in the #TechTuesday event. Look for the Golden Unicorn of Awesome and some folks sitting around a large table. The show starts around 6:00pm and the emcee will coordinate who’s up first, second, third, etc. During the show, watch for cues and be ready for your turn to share. We typically have 2 guests.

You have 3-5 minutes to talk about whatever you like. We like to share things of a “tech” nature with our community. Things like: resources for digital creatives, maker culture, upcoming events, etc. (all the fun things!) You can even shamelessly plug your jam, whatever that might be. We want people to know what you are excited about so THEY can get excited about it too.

Format of the show:

  • Emcee Intros the Show.

  • Emcee announces guests. Guests chat one at a time.

  • News (The Week in Tech is read.)

  • Emcee outros the show.

Pretty simple, right? All the magic in ~ 20 minutes an episode


1) As a guest be yourself, talk to the emcee and the camera like they are your interested friend. Folks in the #EugeneTech community are really interested in you and your story.

“Hi, I’m X and I work with Y, we are having a thing…”

You don’t have to “pitch” us, we are your community, just talk to us about what you are doing. The emcee might jump in with questions along the way. It’s all about the conversation and connection. Feel free to be flip or funny. Feel free to have a beer and relax.

2) #TuesdayTech LIVE is an extension of our Switchboard community. We would love for you to join us there. The Switchboard site allows you to engage even MORE of the #EugeneTech community with what you are doing and how to contact you. Turn your story, your event, your idea into an ASK (something you are seeking like volunteers or buy tickets for your event) or an OFFER (like a free event that is coming up or how you can help others). You can say “find me on the switchboard as [your name]” or hold up your business card or flier to the camera.

3) After the show, watch the feed. Add comments with any corrections and links to your stuff. Make it easy for the #EugeneTech community to find you, they want to! Also, please share your #TechTuesday talk on your personal feed. Your friends, in all your circles, will love to see your video. It is a great way to let them know what you are bringing to the tech world, what you are excited about, or what you are making. We are all about making the conversation and connections happen.

Thanks again for your time and we’ll see you Tuesday!

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