FAQ: How to Post to the #EugeneTech Switchboard

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The Switchboard is all about community and connections. It’s not Craigslist or Facebook, so the posts you make should be conversational. Write your Offer or Ask as though you are sending an email to some folks in your circle of compassion, your inner network. Post your Event with fun details, like who, what, where and when so people on the switchboard will feel included and excited to attend. We will even ask you if you want it posted to our Meet-up group or added to our Facebook events. We like to have the opportunity to amplify and elevate the opportunities that you share with us.

To start, we like to make personal connections between people. Let’s compare and contrast two made-up examples of a job posting below.

Not So Hot

Exciting offer for go-getter team builder progressive developer digital creative type to join a fast-pasted dynamic team of entrepreneurs building stealth mode mobile adaptive opportunity based platform. Competitive salary.
Contact hr@zombo.com today! 555-555-5555

SO GOOD (friendly, personal, not automated):

Ask: Zombo-Com seeks Web Artist with some CSS Skills.
Hey Artsy web-devs,
I work at Zombo-Com as a developer and we are looking for someone with 2D art background that can also wrangle a little HTML and CSS. The project is pretty interesting and it’s a startup with some demanding timelines. If you want to know more, hit me up in the comments or with a direct message. Check out the official listing at the link below.
[link] Regards,

See the difference? With a friendly and honest tone, you will be more likely to start up a conversation and hopefully make the connection you seek. People and connections, that’s the focus of the switchboard.

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