Taurus FEST has been postponed due to KING PONG going to MAKER FAIRE!


This May 17-19, 2019 - King Pong will debut at the Bay Area Maker Faire. Stay Tuned for more information as it is available. For more information about Maker Faire this May check this out.

***Have you Herd? So many May birthdays the only solution was to have a BBQ in the park! We've love to see you and your family at this Fun Free Event May 11th at Alton Baker. YOU NEED A TICKET TO ATTEND as we have BYOX where X = Potluck, BBQ, Canned Beverages, Fun Activities. More info to come as things materialize out of the beautiful spring air!

This celebration is brought to you in conjunction with your local innovation hubs CodeChops and Mindworks. With support from your local volunteer tech community organizers EugeneTech, Eugene Women in Tech, and BitForest.