2017.02.28 TechTuesday

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The Week in Tech

Tech Tuesday Live!

There were some technical errors when filming, so the Facebook version is split into 2 separate videos

Special Guest: 1:08

Upcoming Events: 14:33

Switchboard Picks: 21:39

Very special thanks to our guests:

Teejay VanSlyke and Jessica Bobrowski!

Super special thanks to Teejay for his work on weareeug.com. Functionality will be added as more people join. Thanks also to Jessica for all of her hard work on the Eugene Tech blog, stay tuned for more information about that!

Also a special shout out to the Women in Tech meetup! Check it out!

Tech Tuesday is an event that runs every Tuesday afternoon at 5:30pm at the Barnlight Downtown. It is an opportunity for local tech-minded people and people working in the tech field to meet up, share insights, and chat over drinks.

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