Weekly Jobs Post 5.7.2018

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I'm at a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence conference in Seattle. There is much talk of AI taking our jobs away, but if Siri is any indicator we're fine for a while.

That Google assistant though... Making calls for you to make dinner reservations? Personally I use bartenders and concierge folks for that. I'm a fan of eye contact and back-door deals. My my they have some good eats here in Seattle. I highly recommend the Pink Door. Speaking of jobs in Eugene...

I made the transition to full-time W2 work a few years back and I got to tell ya. My stress level is way more manageable. It's really a matter of finding a company that gives a #$%^ about your personal growth as a person and tries to do good work in the community. I don't know every tech company in town, but I know a few that really stand out as give-a-@*&#@ers. So many $*#$&s given. It brings a tear to my eye.

Here's a few jobs I found looking thru the absolutely massive list of open jobs in the area. These are jobs I'd apply for if I was looking.

Bring your headphones because "the noise level in the work environment can be moderate to loud some of the time" and be ready to show your "demonstrable portfolio of released applications on the App store or the Android market". Yikes! I don't think my NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day counts as a portfolio. Hopefully you have a set of apps up in the stores. If not, get on forking some repos and build a catalog of awesome examples. This is prolly the most high profile startup in Eugene right now. Get in early and maybe one day you can code from desk with walls and everything.

If high profile startups are not your jam here's one of Eugene's best kept secrets. Data Logic makes some of the most awesome gizmos in the world you use every day and don't realize it. Scanners. You heard me. They scan all the things! Things like fruit, tickets, QR, UPC, if it's scannable, or even if it's not because scanning is going codeless. They just scan the thing and your face and zip-zap you bought it. I might be exaggerating. So what's so awesome about scanners? One word: Mobile. See, scanners used to work on crazy embedded systems that were all c and other hard stuff. But now everything's going Android and Windows. So that means cool tools like Xamarin and C#/XAML that totally applies to the rest of the mobile world. (even iOS yes) This would be a sweet R&D gig plowing green fields and working with custom hardware. Right off the Amazon trail.